Diamond Valley, UtahFor a complete list of Diamond Valley Utah homes for sale, please scroll to the bottom of this page. Diamond Valley is a unique southern Utah community that offers ranch-style living and slightly cooler summers than its very close St. George neighbor. Most homes include one or more acre parcels of land, and many residents own horses.

Diamond Valley, Utah, Diamond Valley Utah is located less than 15 minutes north of St. George on Highway 18 and adjacent to the spectacular Snow Canyon State Park. In addition, the majestic Pine Valley Mountain towers above the neighborhood to the north. So, you could safely say that Diamond Valley is a visual paradise.

The short drive from St. George is a relatively steep one, climbing almost 2,000 ft. to an elevation of 4,600 ft. This altitude makes for pleasant summers with temperatures 10-12 degrees cooler than the St. George and Hurricane valleys. Of course, the higher elevation also means that any snowfall, little as it may be, will stick around a while longer.

Diamond Valley, Utah, VolcanoWhat makes Diamond Valley especially unique are the two cinder cone volcanoes you pass between when entering the residential subdivision. That’s right, actual volcanoes! They have been extinct for thousands of years, so technically speaking, they are really just giant heaps of pumice (lava rock) that will never erupt again. The largest of the two volcanoes features a trail that winds it’s way up to the peak and invites hikers down inside 100 ft or so.

Diamond Valley, Utah, SchoolMany elementary-aged children from the towns along UT-18 attend Diamond Valley Elementary. Middle school and high school students in the area attend school in nearby St. George. Diamond Valley Elementary is a public school, which offers k-5 education.

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