All St. George Utah gated community homes for sale can be found below along with complete listing information and photos.

St. George Utah gated communities are plentiful and vary in cost and amenities. Some have literally no amenities other than a secure gate, which keeps the association costs at a minimum. Others may include a private golf course, tennis courts, swimming pools, clubhouses, private restaurant and beautiful gardens and common areas. In addition to amenities, people live in southern Utah gated communities for various reasons including:

1.  Privacy
2.  Security
3.  Having a sense of pride and esteem or other emotional connection
4.  The promotion of property values
5.  Homeowner association that comes together for the community

A St. George Utah gated community will typically have very strict CC&R’s (covenants, codes and restrictions) that keep it well-organized and safe and prohibit people from doing things that may detract from its visual appeal or lessen its market value. These rules are normally governed by elected residents from within the community.

Lastly, many second-home or vacation home buyers choose to purchase within a St. George Utah gated community because it simply makes sense to do so. While away for months at a time, it is easier and less daunting to own and maintain a home within a gated community.

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