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Rockville Utah lies along the Virgin River near the mouth of Zion National Park and between the towns of Virgin and Springdale. Although the twin towns of Rockville and Springdale are arguably neck and neck when it comes to the most scenic towns in all of southern Utah, many residents say they prefer living in Rockville because it’s a mile away from the noise and commotion of the millions of tourists who visit Springdale and Zion each year.

Downtown Rockville Utah Homes for SaleThe climate in Rockville is much more moderate than that of St. George, which is about a 45-minute drive away. At an elevation of 3700 ft, the summers are relatively milder than St. George while the winters are still quite manageable so that one can still enjoy the beautiful outdoors, including Zion National Park, most afternoons.

There are a few small businesses in Rockville including bed and breakfasts and the Rockville Post Office. But, most Rockville residents wander just a mile up the canyon to Springdale where one can find several fantastic restaurants, grocery stores, book stores, clothing boutiques, art galleries, banks and even a medical clinic to name a few. Hurricane Utah, only 20 minutes away, provides many more commercial options including Super Wal-mart, movie theaters and other larger businesses.

Rockville Utah Homes for Sale near Virgin RiverThere are many artists who purchase Rockville Utah homes for sale due to the inspiring beauty that surrounds the town. In fact, the Tanner Amphitheatre is located just a few miles away. The Tanner presents various concerts and other events including orchestras, choirs, dance companies, bands and other forms of live entertainment throughout the summer months.

The well-preserved ghost town of Grafton Utah is located just across the Virgin River from Rockville. Grafton is likely the most photographed ghost town in the West and has been the location for many movies including Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Rockville Utah homes for sale and cliffs of Zion National ParkThe population of Rockville Utah is just under 300. With less than 200 Rockville Utah homes and coupled with the fact that people tend to stay put in paradise, there are usually no more than half a dozen Rockville Utah homes for sale at any given time. If there isn’t a property currently listed that meets your wants or needs, you may consider calling Rockville Utah real estate expert Joel Robertson and inquire about building options. Typically, there are many more Rockville lots for sale than homes.

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