St George Utah Condos

Below are ALL St. George Utah condos and townhomes for sale. While they are essentially the same, there are a couple factors that differentiate a condo from a townhome. Condomonium ownership is typically defined as owning only the interior of a structure. Everything on the outside of the interior walls, including the land, any common areas and amenities are collectively owned by the group of condo owners, also known as association members.

An owner of a St. George Utah townhome also owns the land beneath the structure, however small it may be, while also having rights of ownership to common areas and amenities. Most townhomes have private rear yards, which individual homeowners are responsible for maintaining or paying to maintain.

Most people purchase condos and townhomes because they are nearly maintenance free. A house comes with yardwork and other exterior maintenance responsibilities, which some people can’t or simply don’t want to deal with. St. George Utah condos and townhomes can be perfect for retirees, second-home owners, working professionals or those attracted to simple living with resort-like amenities.

Both St. George Utah condos and townhomes have association dues or fees to cover common area maintenance as well as items such as water, sewer, building insurance and private roads. Many St. George Utah condo and townhome communities have various resort-like amenities such as pools, fitness centers, tennis courts and clubhouses. Others keep the amenities to a minimum in order to keep association fees low.

People who live in St. George Utah know how to live, and sometimes nothing beats condo and townhome living. If you would like more information on St. George Utah condos for sale, please call southern Utah condo and townhome expert, Joel Robertson. He and his team will help you find a St. George Utah condo for sale that meets your needs and surpasses your expectations.

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