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Pine Valley Utah, as its name suggests, is located in a beautiful valley near the top of Pine Valley Mountain. At 6500 ft in elevation, the town sits 3500 ft. higher than nearby St. George, which is just a 40-minute drive away.

Pine Valley Utah Road to TownThe population of Pine Valley is less than 250. Many people in the St. George and Hurricane Valleys as well as Las Vegas Nevada own cabins in Pine Valley due to the perfect climate during the summer season and the winter wonderland during the colder months.

Pine Valley Utah ReservoirThere are plenty of recreational activities available in Pine Valley including horseback riding, rock climbing, hiking, bird and wildlife watching, hunting and fishing. Pine Valley Resevoir and Recreation Area offers a relaxing summer retreat at almost 7,000 ft. in elevation and plenty of shade from Ponderosa Pine, Oak, Mountain Mohogany and Juniper trees. Campgrounds and day-use sites are available for reservation.Pine Valley Utah Historic Church

One notable landmark in the Pine Valley Utah area is the Pine Valley Chapel, which is the oldest Mormon chapel still in use today. The chapel was built by shipbuilder Ebenezer Bryce in 1868, who utilized the plans of an upside-down boat.

Brandin Iron Stake House Pine Valley UtahThe Brandin’ Iron Stake House is a local favorite .

One might wonder what lava rock is doing all over Pine Valley Mountain. The mountain is actually an enormous, extinct volcano known as a laccolith. In short, a laccolith is formed when magma is unable to make its way to the surface and, as a result from immense pressure, creates a bulge in the earth’s surface. With Signal Peak reaching up to 10,364 feet in elePine Valley Utah Homevation (4,485 ft. prominence), Pine Valley Mountain happens to be the largest laccolith in the United States and is amongst the largest in the world. The dark lava rock combined with pine trees, grassy meadows, historic houses and quaint cabins make Pine Valley a wonderful site to behold.

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