Hurricane Utah Homes For Sale

There are usually manyWelcome Come look at Hurricane Utah Homes for Sale Hurricane Utah homes for sale on the market (see bottom of page), as Hurricane is one of the larger cities in southern Utah. Of course, larger is a relative word. Hurricane’s population is only about 15,000 making it more of small town in some minds, but it’s still the third most populated city behind St. George and Washington.

More importantly, however, Hurricane Utah is where much of the souHurricane Utah Homes for Sale in Serene Settingthern Utah growth has been taking place. There have been new Hurricane Utah homes and subdivisions sprouting up all over the city limits as well as new restaurants, a Super Walmart and other various storefronts. This growth is largely due to the availability of land to develop. But, if you ask the locals’ opinions of why they chose to buy Hurricane Utah homes for sale, they usually answer with a combination of the words “affordable” and “beautiful.”

Hurricane Utah homes for sale are at the gateway to Zion National ParkHurricane is truly at the center of the beauty and recreation that southern Utah has to offer. It’s located just 15 miles from St. George and 20 miles from Zion National Park. Giant bluffs of red sandstone and black lava rock can be seen in all directions while the majestic Pine Valley Mountain and the towering cliffs of Zion National Park provide a magnificent backdrop. Washington County’s two largest reservoirs, Sand Hollow and Quail Creek, are located within the city’s limits and are popular for water skiing, cliff jumping, swimming and bass fishing.

Hurricane is also known as the “fruit basket of southern Utah,” due to its history of Hurricane Utah Homes close proximity to Pioneer Musuemexcellent farmland and hundreds of acres of orchards and vineyards, consisting primarily of peaches and apricots. Every Labor Day weekend, the city commemorates its fruit growing heritage with “Peach Days,” which includes live music and other entertainment, food and craft vendors, and a variety of games, contests and other activities.

Hurricane Utah Homes for SaleThe Washington County Fairgrounds, where the Washington County Fair and other large county-wide events are held, is located in Hurricane. Also located in Hurricane are the State DMV offices, the Washington County Sherrif’s Offices, the Washington County Equestrian Center and the Southern Utah Shooting Sports Park. Many athletic competitions take place in Hurricane. In fact, Ironman St. George actually begins in Hurricane at Sand Hollow Reservoir.

You may find it peculiar that the locals pronounce the name of the city “her-ah-kun.” WeHurricane Utah Homes in close proximity to Chums headquarters recommend not trying to convince them of the “proper” way to pronounce it, as you will undoubtedly stand corrected. They will likely either politely give you a wink and a smile or give you a brief and friendly history lesson of their heritage, reminding you that the British and Scandinavian founders of Hurricane pronounced it this way, it’s the way they pronounce it currently, and there are certainly no plans to change.

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