Ancestor Square St George: Shop, eat, more

If there is still a heart of a town, downtown St. George is likely that place; and if downtown has a heart, well, that is likely to be Ancestor Square St George.

Nestled on the corner of Main Street and St. George Boulevard, Ancestor Square St George is a hub for a variety of shopping, dining, arts and entertainment needs.

Entering Ancestor Square
One of the beautiful buildings in Ancestor Square

The food in Ancestor Square St George

Whether you’re in the mood for Thai, Italian, fine dining or a high quality casual grill, Ancestor Square St George has it all. Pop into George’s Corner for a taste of the area’s history in this refreshed version of the former Big Hand Café. Featuring a wide selection of salads, soups and fresh off the grill entrees, you will not be hungry when you leave.

If international is more your style, the well-known Benja’s Thai and Sushi at Ancestor Square St George is a popular place to dine. With incredible ginger chicken, pad Thai, basil chicken and fried rice, Benja’s has earned a stellar reputation throughout the region for its food, staff and ambiance.

One of the more elegant restaurants in town serves as a cornerstone for Ancestor Square St George: The Painted Pony. Using fresh,

Fine dining downtown.
Painted Pony is one of the restaurants at Ancestor Square St George

organically and locally grown produce to create favorites such as the heirloom tomato salad and the popular iceberg wedge. The Painted Pony is open for lunch and dinner. It is known for the artistic touch. Entrees look too beautiful to eat — but you won’t want to miss a bite of the delicious taste.

The popular Pizza and Pasta Factories at Ancestor Square St George give diners the option of two Italian favorites. Located in adjoining but separate facilities, you can nosh on custom made artisan pizza, or build your own delectable pasta with your choice of sauce and toppings. And you won’t want to skimp on the breadsticks either. Pizza Factory in Ancestor Square St George serves them up in a bouquet of yeasty goodness. Meanwhile Pasta Factory keeps the baskets of buttery, parmesan heaven coming throughout the meal.

Shopping and more at Ancestor Square St George

If you’re looking for a peek into the Southern Utah art scene and beyond, Ancestor Square St George is home to The Mission Art Gallery. Located in a charming 120-year-old building, art lovers can peruse some of the West’s most renowned artists. There’s just something about appreciating beautiful art in a historic place, the heady aroma of international cuisine swirling just outside.

Ancestor Square
Ancestor Square St George

Hair salon Lunatic Fringe is another example of the eclectic blend of businesses all within the cozy confines of Ancestor Square St George. Billed as a place for artistic professionals to enjoy “viable careers in a team environment,” Lunatic Fringe is all about style. Hair trends. Chic décor. An experience matched only by the Ancestor Square St George ambiance itself.

Special events at Ancestor Square St George

As if offering some of the best in dining and shopping weren’t enough, Ancestor Square St George is also home to several top-notch special events.

Take the weekly Farmer’s Market, for example.

Beginning the second Saturday in May and continuing through the end of October, the Downtown Farmer’s Market at Ancestor Square St George is free — and something you won’t want to miss. The market features vendors from throughout Washington and Iron County. Their wares include fresh, seasons produce, free range pork, beef, lamb, cheese and eggs. You can also find local honey, granola, live plants, herbs, fabric goods, jewelry, woodwork and more.

The key is: it’s all locally grown and produced.

Join the shopping festivities 8 a.m. to noon in the parking lot at Ancestor Square St George.

Concert series at Ancestor Square takes place here.
The grassy area is perfect for concerts.

Another popular event at Ancestor Square St George is the Southern Utah Songwriters Association spring and fall concert series. Highlighting local talent playing everything from country to jazz, this concert series is the perfect fit for the grassy courtyard in the center of Ancestor Square St George. Those attending bring blankets or chairs to sit on. Some grab food from one of the delicious surrounding restaurants. Others just sit back to enjoy the pleasant evening temperatures and the chance to hear live

Shady even in summer makes the courtyard comfortable for all kinds of events.

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